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Meena Jain, MD., MBBS., FACOG

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If you have difficulties reaching orgasm due to excess skin around the clitoris, Dr. Meena Jain can help. At her practice in St. Petersburg, Florida, Dr. Jain offers an effective procedure known as a clitoroplasty to reduce unwanted skin. Clitoroplasty can improve your sexual satisfaction and enhance the appearance of your vagina. To find out if you’re a candidate for clitoroplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jain online or by phone.

Cliteroplasty Q&A

What is clitoroplasty?

The clitoris is the small, sensitive area of the female genitals that is often partially or fully covered by the clitoral hood, folds of skin that make up the labia minora.

A clitoroplasty is a surgical procedure to remedy the excess skin surrounding the clitoris to enhance sexual function and improve the overall appearance of your vagina.

Why do I need clitoroplasty?

Dr. Jain may recommend clitoroplasty if you have difficulties achieving orgasm and sexual enjoyment due to excess tissue covering your clitoris. She can perform the procedure for cosmetic reasons or to reconstruct a clitoris damaged by birth defects, trauma, or disease.

Clitoral hypertrophy is a condition where your clitoris becomes enlarged due to the use of certain medications, including testosterone supplements, or as the result of a disease, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Clitoroplasty can help reduce clitoral enlargement and improve normal clitoral function.

What happens during clitoroplasty?

During the procedure, Dr. Jain reduces the size of the clitoral hood, removing excess tissue and repositioning the clitoris, before applying sutures to hold the clitoris in place. She can administer a local anesthetic before your treatment to keep you comfortable.  

Dr. Jain creates a customized treatment plan, with the goal to improve the appearance of your clitoris and reduce unwanted skin that covers the clitoris.

Following treatment, you should expect to recover for two to three days before returning to your normal activities. Dr. Jain may recommend waiting several weeks before resuming sex to ensure swelling resolves and the surgical site heals properly.

Are there risks associated with clitoroplasty?

While generally safe, clitoroplasty can increase your risk for infection and scar tissue. You may also experience numbness and skin discoloration of the clitoris following surgery. Dr. Jain discusses all associated risks of surgery during your consultation.

She can determine if you’re healthy enough for surgery by reviewing your medical history and performing a physical examination. She also discusses your cosmetic goals and creates a treatment plan to ensure you’re happy with the appearance of your vagina and the functionality of your clitoris.

To learn more about the benefits of clitoroplasty, call or book online to schedule a consultation.

*Individual results may vary